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Product introduction

As the leader of heavy-duty escalators for urban rail transit, the ESG heavy-duty series has been continuously upgraded and expanded. Its technical range can cover lifting heights below 30 meters, and it has also entered the forefront of the world's largest lifting escalators. Safe and stable, comfortable ride and high-end quality, it provides a humanized guarantee for public transportation.

The additional brake device acts when the rung changes its prescribed running direction or the escalator is overspeeded by 120%, which stops the escalator from running and guarantees the safety of riding the escalator.

The truss strength design is not greater than 1/1000 deflection to ensure that it will not be deformed for prolonged use. The escalator runs smoothly, rides comfortably, is safe and reliable.

The new microcomputer controller has stronger anti-interference ability, higher running stability and smarter control. A variety of safety protection devices monitor the equipment in real time, which maximizes the safety of the equipment and the person.


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