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Product Introduction

沙巴 elevators always run through the design concepts of high efficiency, energy saving and high quality. The CHOI-MRL series machine roomless elevators optimize the constraints of elevators on construction, construction cost, architectural design style and scope of use. At the same time, it provides passengers with an efficient and robust sensory experience. The unique car decoration schemes, newly designed control boxes and hall calls of various large-scale LCD displays make the elevator interior and appearance fashionable and harmonious, and harmoniously integrate into different architectural decoration styles.


Safe and fast, extraordinary power

1. Actively test brake force regularly to prevent accidents by prompting faults and prohibiting elevator operation.

2. Intelligent door machine technology, optimized S curve, stable door opening and closing.

3. The traction rope slip detection can monitor the slip data in real time and automatically enter the emergency deceleration safe operation mode as needed to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

4. 沙巴 machine room-less elevator is specially equipped with electric release switch to make emergency rescue more timely and convenient.

Save energy and carry the future

1. Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, compact structure, exquisite and compact, excellent performance, fully integrated coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combined control technology, low operating cost, low energy loss, compared with the general traditional technology Can save energy by more than 40%.

2. LED car lighting device, energy-saving energy without pollution is environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low power electro-optic power conversion is close to 100%, and the same lighting effect is more than 80% energy-saving than traditional light sources.

3. When no one calls the elevator, it enters the sleep energy-saving mode. When there is a call, the device starts automatically, thereby saving the elevator's non-operating time energy consumption

Human service, choose at will

1. IC card intelligent identification system, passengers can enter the car to achieve a quick journey to swipe to the home.

2. Power failure emergency leveling function, after the power grid is cut off, the elevator automatic emergency leveling device supplies power to the nearest leveling station to open the door.

3. Artificial intelligence (AI) group control management technology, using the principle of intelligent decentralized waiting for elevators, to carry passengers at the fastest speed and highest efficiency.

4. Energy feedback regeneration technology first-level energy efficiency, converts renewable energy into electrical energy and feeds it back to the local power grid to reduce energy consumption.

5. Gesture call, call the elevator outside the hall without touching the button.


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